Deborah Frank

From an editor’s perspective, what makes Janet and her team so great to work with is their intimate knowledge of each client AND the publications they pitch them to. When Janet calls with a story idea about a particular client, I know it’s worth considering because she’s done her homework and won’t waste my time with something that’s not right for my reader demographic.

Cynthia sin-yi cheng

Janet Mick brings to lifestyle PR her own personal flair and touch. She’s wildly creative and executes campaigns and events that stay with you for a long time. In a sea of lifestyle PRs out there, ITPR takes a very hands on approach to personalize the brands they represent.

Thomas Farley

As creative as she is charming, determined as she is dynamic, Janet Mick has enhanced and strengthened the profiles of lifestyle brands stretching across the Atlantic and back. I’ve never known IT Public Relations to work with a company whose business is anything but top-notch–which perhaps comes as no surprise, since the absolute same can be said of Janet and her team.

Donald Charles Richardson

In my opinion, Janet Mick and her associates at IT Public Relations rank among the most professional public relations people in the world of luxury travel, destinations, and experiences. Combining the essential qualities needed to deal with upscale properties and media… dedication, knowledge, attention to detail, charisma, an aura of sophistication, and a delightful sense of humor, Janet Mick manages to get it all done… arranging everything from a simple lunch meeting to a trip across France with consummate skill and charm.